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Insight 2 | May 12, 2018
The 10 Most Common Mobile App Development Questions Answered
by Adishri

Mobile strategy, specifically mobile app development, is the first priority for many businesses. Bringing an app to market requires substantial research and strategic planning. When you begin the process, there are a number of questions you need to consider. Understanding the following ten questions will help guide your decision-making process and determine the appropriate mobile strategy to achieve your goals.

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Insight 3 | May 07, 2018
Bad Design vs. Good Design: 5 Examples We can Learn From
by Adishri

Looking at examples of bad design alongside counter-examples of good design is not only fun but also draws important lessons for designers. They highlight pitfalls for designers to avoid and let us understand how to translate design theories into solutions that work in the real world. Jared Spool, the American writer, researcher and usability expert, once said: “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.” So, let’s look

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